Thursday, January 24, 2019

What It Means To Find True Love

"Finding True Love: Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry"
"Finding True Love: Means Having No Regrets"
"Finding True Love: Means Not Having To Start Over, and Over"
"Finding True Love: Means Never Having To Forget The Past"
"Finding True Love: Means Learning To Trust"
"Finding True Love: Means Raising A Family For Good Motive"

The release of the book "Finding True Love And The Secret To A Lasting Marriage" is out and burning a crater in the hot topic of how to make love and marriage last.

"This Book Tells All!" -Family Reunion Planning 

Looking for true love? It's not a secret anymore. Find out the keys to making a marriage last a lifetime. This book makes no apologies and explains what to do to keep your marriage off the rocks and how to make real progress keeping a firm grip on true love. If you're in it, be in it to win it. Take a look inside the "FTL" and read these powerful affirmations...

"First you say 'Yes', then 'I Do',
Then you keep saying
 'Yes, Yes, Yes!'''

"Shopping for love is like shopping for packaged goods at a grocery store. You read the label. Buy it. Take it home and unwrap it. Even then you still won't know what's really inside."

"Stop Shopping in the Love Marketplace!
Start Finding True Organic Love"

"You won't really get to know a person until you turn off that television..." 

You're a big boy! Make the big choices... "The ones that put the wellbeing of your partner ahead of all other considerations."

FTL -  Finding True Love...
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"Finding True Love And The Secret To A Lasting Marriage"

"Finding True Love And The Secret To A Lasting Marriage"

Learn how to find true love, is what makes some marriages last a lifetime. Read true love experiences, keys to happiness quotes and enjoy an interactive guide full of marital wisdom, family bonding tips, true friendship activities, romantic keepsake ideas, and lessons learned from those who have actually succeeded in finding everlasting love. 

"Finding True Love And The Secret To A Lasting Marriage"

Unlock the secrets to finding the love of your life. Discover the truth behind the mysteries of lasting marriages and marital bliss. 

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