Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Congratulations September Brides and Fiances

Congratulations September brides and fiancees. Congratulations to those who have been wed or will be wed, as well as those engaged in September? This is your month to enjoy this season in a whole new way. 

If you plan on enjoying a honeymoon vacation or a romantic anniversary get-away, this is the month for you to start planning your stay on the love boat.

Seasonal ActivitiesThe astronomical fall (Northern Hemisphere) 2015 begins on Wednesday, September 23. Early fall season events including arts and craft shows, street side bubble shows, outdoor fairs and festivals, music and food fests. special events also including beer and wine tasting.

A Special GiftA special gift just for you September Brides and fiancees. The 7 Days Before The Wedding Countdown Planner. Do you don't sweat the little stuff and don't forget the big stuff. Makes a great wedding planner bookmark. 


The "7 Days Before The Wedding Countdown Planner Checklist Bookmark"  Makes a great gift and can be used as a printable graphical template for many different craft projects. 
  • Print it on a commemorative T-shirt.
  • Print it on a fabric neck scarf.
  • Print it on a fabric hair scarf.
  • Send it to all the Brides-to-be you know.
  • Print on a tall mug (cut in three sections).
  • Print on a slim poster.
  • Print on sticky paper for a scrapbook countdown timeline.
  • Print and stick to the side of your monitor display.
  • Print and wrap vertically around your bed post
  • Print and wrap vertically around your Ficus Tree
  • Print and hang ornamentally from your chandelier
  • Print and attach to the side of your wall poster.
Right click and save the image to a file.

Find vital wedding planning checklists in the newly released wedding planner and organizer Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner guidebook and keepsake.

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