Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Day Wedding Countdown Checklist Bookmark

Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner

A Gift for all you Brides out there.  Here is something you can't live without the final 7 days before your wedding. 

The "7 Days Before The Wedding Countdown Planner Checklist Bookmark" written and designed by Mark and Brenda Askew, authors of Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner.

  • Print the checklist and use it as a wedding guidebook bookmark.
  • Place it between the pages of task notes.
  • Put it on your frig for daily reminders.
  • Pin it to your office clipboard.
  • Using a magnet clasp put it on your metal file cabinet.
  • Insert it in your binder cover. 
  • Keep it handy the final 7 days of the wedding.
  • Review it with your Maid of Honor, family, and friends and make sure they have a copy.
  • Pin it to your Pinterest boards, as a reminder.
  • Make it your tablet or smartphone homepage digital bookmark and share it.

The "7 Days Before The Wedding Countdown Planner Checklist Bookmark"  Makes a great gift and can be used as a printable graphical template for many different craft projects. 
  • Print it on a commemorative T-shirt.
  • Print it on a fabric neck scarf.
  • Print it on a fabric hair scarf.
  • Send it to all the Brides-to-be you know.
  • Print on a tall mug (cut in three sections).
  • Print on a slim poster board.
  • Put in your wedding scrapbook.
  • Print and stick to the side of your monitor display.
  • Print and tie vertically to your bedpost
  • Print and tie to your indoor tree
  • Print and hang ornamentally from your chandelier
  • Print and attach to the side of a picture frame.
Right-click and save the image to a file.

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