Monday, April 16, 2012

What's In a Good Wedding Book?

So what's in a good wedding planning book? Consider the source. Who's writing it and with what intent. Many wedding planning books are written to showcase a product, magazine or travel service. 

Many books are written strictly to save money, while others are written simply to aid in organizing a wedding. One book that's new on the market and has an interesting authors profile is Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner.

1. Written by an experienced wedding planner
2. Written by an experienced wedding ceremony officiant
3. Written by marriage counselors
4. Written by a husband and wife team of 31 years

Some of the vital wedding planning  features include the following:

1. Contains priority information regarding planning, organizing and managing a wedding

2. Connects to resources with even more information

3. Includes a complete wedding planner, wedding night planner and honeymoon planner

4. Includes the in demand checklist timeline planning format

5. Includes guides tips and words of wisdom

6. Includes full color pages, keepsake photo, stamp, ticket and flower inserts compartments

7. Includes Mark and Brenda's signature "A Few of Our Favorite Things" bonding activity to assure a lasting warm engaging marriage.

8. Includes an After The Honeymoon Planner. Simple things in daily living that express  personal interest, sustain companionship and make living together both fun and enjoyeable.

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