Thursday, July 21, 2016

Date Night Idea List

After 35 years Brenda and I are still very much enamored with each other. I sometimes catch her looking and smiling at me while I sleep. A look of peace, affection and yes, that last minute look of 'whoops, you caught me staring again.' It's proof positive that when your willing to work harder on your marriage than anything else in life the dividends are great.

What We've Learned

Have you ever noticed? We are at our absolute worst when we are tired. We're disoriented and fatigued, touchy and snappy.  When rest is lacking we are impatient and disagreeable. That said, our first priority needs to be learning how to put life on hold and rest. It makes all the difference. After getting much-needed rest we can enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening together.

The Importance of Dating

We found this solution early in our marriage and have kept applying it ever since. We call it Date Night. Date night helps keep the home fires burning. Establish a weekly day, afternoon or evening to focus undistracted on the two of you. Turn off the cell phone. Tell your friends and colleagues that you should not be disturbed on this day and then have at it. Dating in this way should never end. Whether you're 24 or 84, it is the lifeblood of a strong healthy relationship between two very busy people.

Hot vs Warm and Cozy

No, we don't aim for a  hot steamy evening full of romantic posturing. We prefer a simple warm and cozy atmosphere. The rest comes naturally. But to make date night work, we had to learn to make five basic rules of conduct a priority. And when we did, date night began to work its wonders on us.

Date Night Priority List
1. Getting plenty of sleep the night before date night.
2. Making weekly date night an unbroken sacred ritual.
3. Choose employment that won't suck the life out of us.
4. Make date night enjoyable and relaxing.
5. No discussions about problems or work-related issues.
6. No distractions such as cell phone calls or texting
7. Let everyone know that date night is sacred and you should not be disturbed

Date Night Ideas List

Date night should be like cooking a crockpot dinner once a week. The ingredients may be few and simple, but it always seems to turn out delicious, filling the house with an amazing aroma. Date night should be carefully planned well in advance. It should be a time to creatively say "I love you" in word or deed. But it should always be simply stated, uncomplicated and stress-free in order to work. That said we've put together what we call an after wedding Date Night Idea List to keep the home embers warm. Share it, print it, pin it, but most of all enjoy it.

Date Night Ideas List

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