Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Congratulations To April, May and June Brides

A special shout out and congratulations to all our April, May and June Brides and Fiancees. 

It's a season of love, growth, giving, letting go and coming full circle. As you plan your wedding remember to capture the essence of guidance given, wisdom shared and nurturing from parents, guardians and all those special supportive people in your life. With that sentiment here is a gift from me to you. My newly released musical score, "On Your Special Day."

"On Your Special Day" by Mark Askew

On Your Special Day

Last year I composed a musical score, "On Your Special Day", for a family drama, It centered around a celebrated relationship between a father and his daughter. On the eve of his daughters wedding day a father sits at his piano reflecting on giving his daughter away. The score would carry us through the life of the child leading to the father daughter dance. This music video of real people and events in my life conceptualizes that. 

I had the pleasure of playing the musical score and similar video for a group of 60 last month. The tears and smiles told me it struck a cord in them as well. I hope it does the same for you.

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