Monday, March 26, 2012

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My dear one worked very hard today. That said she's taking a much deserved rest beside me on the couch. As I type these very words she is comfy cozy on the living room couch in her favorite fluffy house sweater watching a Netflix flick. Probably a quirky love story about a young couple who have to deal with some relationship turbulence that eventually separates them emotionally only to find that they misunderstood a recent incident and at the tail end of the movie they come running into each others arms once and for all.  But I won't tell her how it ends. She likes to be surprised.

Our purpose in writing this blog is to bring together wedding planners, engaged couples and friends of the bride and groom to get those tough questions asked, provide advice as well as wedding tips and marital guidance.  As this is the very first entry of our wedding planning blog we've decided to propose a contest of sorts.

My Wedding Planner Contest
So here it goes.  To the first couple to subscribe to the My Wedding Planner blog we will give away a free signed copy of our book, My Keepsake Wedding Planner.
This 146 page wedding guide represents 31 years of wedding event planning, officiating and marriage counseling between. The book includes our signature wedding planning timeline checklist complete with associated worksheets, a wedding night planner, honeymoon planner and associated wedding events planner. It also includes two very special features couples will find indefensible...  The "A Few of Our Favorite Things" activity worksheet. We think it's awesome! Having tried it ourselves years ago we firmly believe it helped stabilize our marriage during a very trying time. Yes it really works!

We have sense perfected the activity and proposed it to couples during their first year of marriage. Since then it has proven to be a staple activity that really does help keep the bonds of friendship stronger than ever. We will discuss the value of this worksheet and activity in my next blog entry. The other special feature found in the book is the section "Life After The Honeymoon" and the "Post Honeymoon Planner."

Among the next 100 to subscribe we will send a random subscriber a free signed copy of our book, My Keepsake Wedding Planner. So if your not the first you still have a chance to win this remarkable wedding planning guide.

 Happy wedding planning!  

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