Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Reveals Secrets To True Love and Lasting Marriage

"The Book Blows The Lid Off The Secret To True Love!!!" -FHO
"Lasting Marriages? - The Cat's Is Out The Bag!" -Good News Better World 
"True Love... It's Not A Secret Anymore!" -My Keepsake Wedding Planners Blog

The release of the book "Finding True Love And The Secret To A Lasting Marriage" is out and burning a crater in the hot topic of how to make love and marriage last.

"This Book Tells All!" -Family Reunion Planning 

Looking for true love? It's not a secret anymore. Find out the keys to making a marriage last a lifetime. This book makes no apologies and explains what to do to keep your marriage off the rocks and how to make real progress keeping a firm grip on true love. If you're in it, be in it to win it. Take a look inside the "FTL" and read these powerful affirmations...

"First you say 'Yes', then 'I Do', Then you keep saying 'Yes, I Will'''

"Shopping for love is like shopping for packaged goods at a grocery store. You read the label. Buy it. Take it home and unwrap it. Even then you still won't know what's really inside."

"Stop Shopping in the Love Marketplace!"

"You won't really get to know a person until you turn off that television..." 

You're a big boy! Make the big choices... "The ones that put the wellbeing of your partner ahead of all other considerations."

Official FTL -  Finding True Love...
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"Finding True Love And The Secret To A Lasting Marriage"

"Finding True Love And The Secret To A Lasting Marriage"

Learn how to find true love, what makes some marriages last a lifetime. Read true love experiences, keys to happiness quotes and enjoy an interactive guide full of marital wisdom, family bonding tips, true friendship activities, romantic keepsake ideas, and lessons learned from those who have actually succeeded in finding everlasting love. 

"Finding True Love And The Secret To A Lasting Marriage"

Unlock the secrets to finding the love of your life. Discover the truth behind the mysteries of lasting marriages and marital bliss. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wedding Planner - My Keepsake Wedding Planner

Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner book.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Marriage Proposal/Wedding Waltz Song - "I Give My Love To You"

Congratulations to all you January brides and brides-to-be. Another special weekend gift for fiancée's and fiancé's. This is the long version of the proposal song - "I Give My Love To You" The ideal song for marriage proposal background music, traditional wedding waltz dances and wedding and anniversary memento video. Composition and lyrics by Mark Angelo Askew author of "My Keepsake Wedding Planner."

Monday, December 19, 2016

"Sing" The Marriage Proposal Song

So today I tell you a story about me and Brenda. As our regular readers know, we've been wed for over 37 years. The thing is I love her more now than ever. She's the kind of person every man wants for a friend. It was on a sandy beach under a golden Connecticut sky at sunset that I proposed to her. A remarkable date night. We've been holding hands ever since. 

1817 Date Nights

So far Brenda and I have shared 1817 date nights together. Three of the most special date nights ever were rather recent. We call them our video date nights. We like watch Youtube videos of family members singing together in their cars or of fathers taking their baby daughters out on a first date night. We especially like marriage proposal videos, couples getting married and wedding receptions.  The latest addition to our date night video collection was a young man proposing marriage and marrying his bride on the same day.

Well, weeks later after Brenda was tending to her duties supporting her mother and sister I felt inspired to write a song called "I Give My Love To You", It's dedicated to Brenda, for her friendship, hard work, generosity and close ties to all in the family. I presented the song on our 1817th date night. Join us in celebrating the release of the "On Our Special Day" album by posting your proposal story or a video to this blog in the comments section or email it to with a link to the video. Submissions will be published on this blog and submitters will receive a free "My Keepsake Wedding Planner Guidebook."

The Proposal Song Contest 

If you think you have a beautiful voice enter the "Sing" contest. Submit a video of you (and your loved one) on date night singing the proposal song "I Give My Love To You" If your performance captures the sentiments of the song we'll promote the video on Youtube, Facebook and on our blogs. Even better, the winners get 3 of our event planning guidebooks including Fimark's party planner. family reunion planner and wedding planner. Post your video on Instagram and send us the link in your comments on this page or email it to The "Sing" Contest ends December 25th.

Get The Lyrics
Check out the proposal song "I Give My Love To You" and lyrics here...…

Download The Song
"I Give My Love To You" is featured on the "On Our Special Day" album available for download at

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Things To Do Last 7 Days Before The Wedding

Do you know exactly what needs to be done the last seven days before your wedding day?

No need to guess, hope or despair. Be prepared for the most important day of your adult life. Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner guide presents...

7 Days Before The Wedding
Countdown Planner

7 Days Before The Wedding Countdown Planner
Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner

Includes wedding night and honeymoon planner!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Secrets To The #BestLifeEver Married Life


Everyone wants to be happy. Especially those who are promised in marriage. 

Mark and Brenda Askew began their best life ever on October 25, 1980. Since then Fall has had a special nostalgic meaning to them. Warm, golden oak trees dance in the wind and hug the sky, blowing crimson carpets of leaves onto a path for their anniversary day stroll. Baked pumpkin pie, cinnamon swirl in hot steaming mugs of nutmeg and her warm smile. What a smile. After 36 years making the best memories, I believe the best of life is yet to come.

What is the secret to wedded bliss? How can you make your married life the #BestLifeEver? There are four basic keys.

1. Get to know yourself well. Your fears, those you truly love, and the things that bring you deep joy.

2. Learn to find happiness in giving little things that have special meaning to the receiver.

3. Make it your aim to share yourself with your spouse and value those moments when he does the same.

4. Remember there is a time for everything under the sun. Know what time it is and respond accordingly. Live in the moment and be supportive.

5. Discuss your expectations with your mate and explain why you choose to be strong, loyal and focused.

6. Put down the cell phone, Ipad and other distractions when you're together. Make each other your distraction.

7. Discuss your budget at least once a month. Get on the same page. Consult before making major purchases or entering credit obligations.

8. Make date night sacred. Just the two of you. No one interferes.

Take a glimpse into Mark and Brenda's 36 years together  here...

For more #BestLifeEver tips go to...

Getting Married? Get My Keepsake Wedding Planner by Wedding Planner blogger Mark Angelo 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Congratulations September Brides and Fiances

Congratulations September brides and fiancees. Congratulations to those who have been wed or will be wed, as well as those engaged in September? This is your month to enjoy this season in a whole new way. 

If you plan on enjoying a honeymoon vacation or a romantic anniversary get-away, this is the month for you to start planning your stay on the love boat.

Seasonal ActivitiesThe astronomical fall (Northern Hemisphere) 2015 begins on Wednesday, September 23. Early fall season events including arts and craft shows, street side bubble shows, outdoor fairs and festivals, music and food fests. special events also including beer and wine tasting.

A Special GiftA special gift just for you September Brides and fiancees. The 7 Days Before The Wedding Countdown Planner. Do you don't sweat the little stuff and don't forget the big stuff. Makes a great wedding planner bookmark. 


The "7 Days Before The Wedding Countdown Planner Checklist Bookmark"  Makes a great gift and can be used as a printable graphical template for many different craft projects. 
  • Print it on a commemorative T-shirt.
  • Print it on a fabric neck scarf.
  • Print it on a fabric hair scarf.
  • Send it to all the Brides-to-be you know.
  • Print on a tall mug (cut in three sections).
  • Print on a slim poster.
  • Print on sticky paper for a scrapbook countdown timeline.
  • Print and stick to the side of your monitor display.
  • Print and wrap vertically around your bed post
  • Print and wrap vertically around your Ficus Tree
  • Print and hang ornamentally from your chandelier
  • Print and attach to the side of your wall poster.
Right click and save the image to a file.

Find vital wedding planning checklists in the newly released wedding planner and organizer Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner guidebook and keepsake.